Link Building: Tips for a successful strategy

link building strategies 2016


The online marketing community is expecting some new Google Penguin update which is likely to change the link building game strategies.

While link building used to be an easy task few years ago, this won’t be so now ; nevertheless, it remains an integral part of a solid SEO strategy, even though you have to be careful on how to process it.

There won’t be much change in perspective though. Link building is directly relevant to Authority Building. In other terms, it is the quality rather than quantity that matters.

Moreover, despite the fact that links are a must to build authority, yet, there are other methods that can be applied to boost your link building strategy, as highlighted hereafter:

Google Penguin assess the quality and quantity of backlinks that point to a website. Spammy links tactics, and those with big numbers of low quality backlinks will be affected by Google penguin with major drops in ranking.

While Google Penguin used to be rolled out few times each year since 2012, Google will switch its strategy to real-time monitoring.

With real-time monitoring, Google will be constantly looking for bad links, and therefore, penalties will apply quickly on sites that engage in a low quality link building strategy.

It might be wise to make sure that your link building strategy is based on natural and manual links and is compliant with search engines’ guidelines.

Thinking that you need ten thousand links to succeed is part of the old SEO world. Now you need to build links that people would want to click, from diversified mediums.

Indeed, it was previously important to obtain as many links as possible from as many various sites as possible. Yet, now it’s fine to focus more on the source of the link provided content is diversified.

For instance, eBooks matter more for B2B industries, and press releases, videos, articles and blogs provide information that target audience expect to find. Besides, infographics and micrographs are also widely shareable, providing thus a wonderful opportunity to obtain quality links.

On the other hand, building links from useful and good content is great, and is likely as well to go viral when people share it.

You might as well want to collaborate with people and companies in the industries to create relationships in a way that link building looks natural, rather than a swapping process.

The bottom line is that Real-time Penguin will undoubtedly change a lot for link builders, so it is wise more than ever to stick to search engines guidelines and make sure that time and money you invest in the process will benefit your ranking and provide a good ROI.