Arabic SEO: What Works?

The Middle East and Gulf which includes countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and others, had an internet penetration rate of 40.2% as of June last year, surpassing all other world regions. Yet, available content is not well optimized for Arabic SEO. Therefore, the lack of well optimized Arabic content coupled with the fact of the explosive internet penetration rate, makes SEO one of the best and favorable ways for both small and big enterprises to get high rankings on major search engines.

Taking above factors into consideration, one may think that creating a successful Arabic SEO campaign is easy, I don’t want to burst your “bubble” but, IT IS NOT! It requires indeed a lot more than just knowing about your audience. There are a number of strategies that Arabic SEO experts use to ensure they develop successful campaigns. Some of these strategies are:

On-site Arabic SEO

Professional Arabic SEO companies ensure that they develop content that meets all SEO rules that were set after the Google Penguin and Panda updates. On-site search engine optimization involves creating high quality and original engaging content. This will build the website’s reputation on search engines. Moreover, Site navigation and structure should be logical and user friendly. Title tags, Meta tags, h1, h2, and h3 tags need to be duly optimized with appropriate targeted and long tail keywords. Yet, keywords stuffing should be avoided by all means, because major search engines (like Google) penalize such spammy and manipulative procedures.

Off-site Arabic SEO

Arabic Search Engine Optimization companies work on building high quality backlinks as one of the ways to improve a site’s SEO. They submit content to leading Arabic sites with links back to the websites. This helps the site get links from highly ranked sites that are relevant. Approaching local sites and guest blogging platforms, submitting articles and press releases are also duly performed to insure building a solid off-site Arabic SEO with backlinks from various authoritative sites.

SEO is a continuous process

Search engine optimization is a continuous process and an Arabic SEO expert ensures that she or he is constantly improving the website’s ranking through the SEO processes that comply with the latest algorithms updates, in order to maintain and improve the site’s search engine ranking.

Finally, it goes without saying that using the wrong SEO techniques will not only give low search engine rankings, it may also lead to the site being penalized by Google. It is therefore crucial for site owners to work with experts that are up to date with the new SEO rules and regulation that have been put in place after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates. This will ensure that the website gets the top ranking on Google while abiding by all search engines’ rules.