Arabic SEO: Your Ultimate Tips and Tricks for a Successful Strategy

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If you are targeting the Middle East and North African regions, then Arabic SEO is the need of the hour!

Indeed, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world and even though most of the global sites are accessible in the MENA, they are mostly in English. As of now, only 3% of the sites that have their presence in the MENA have Arabic content. However, with internet penetration becoming more and more intense in the region, a large part of the population is now looking for Arabic websites and online content. Thus, the scope is huge and what you need is an efficient Arabic translation and SEO service that helps you target the local audience.

Nevertheless, Arabic SEO and Arabic website creation is not as easy as it seems! If you are looking at an efficient Arabic SEO strategy, the first point to be kept in mind is that literal translation from English is not going to work. Half of the stuff wouldn’t make sense to the locals. Moreover, keywords should be adapted for relevancy.

Arabic SEO is not very different from standard SEO. It’s language skill that matters the most. The Arabic script runs from right to left and thus, a slight adjustment is required in the SEO context. The Arabic dialect also varies throughout the region and so, the requirement is for an SEO company that has dialect experts to work on the SEO for your website.

Moreover, for your Arabic SEO strategy, there are some additional strategies that you need to implement. I have compiled some of the most effective Arabic SEO strategies that should form part of your plan.

Google is the largest search engine in the MENA but there is another search engine that you should target and that is Baidu. Baidu has the tool to interpret the Arabic script and is now enjoying an excellent market share in the MENA.

Choosing the TLD is another important point. The Arabic speaking world is widely spread and even within the region there are various TLD options available. For example, choosing as your TLD will help you gain audience in Saudi Arabia but that’s not the only country where Arabic is spoken. It is best to choose a generic TLD like .com or .net because you can then target the entire Arabic speaking population. Or you can try and get the early mover advantage by registering for country specific TLDs.

 The other important element in this context is geo-targeting. There are some massively important cities all over MENA. From Riyadh to Dubai to Beirut in Asia to Rabat to Cairo to Tunis in North Africa, these cities are well known throughout the world. Thus, it is best to geo-target these cities with specific landing pages. Creating specific pages for these cities using the local language is a must for Arabic SEO.

 Partnering with local language bloggers and local businesses is a great strategy for Arabic SEO. Bloggers and small and medium businesses (with online presence) can contribute a lot to your website by directing local audience.

And before I end, it is wise to stay away from using any content that is deemed inappropriate in the Arabic world.

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