Professional Translation: Tips for choosing the best translation services

Professional Translation

All of us know that the “Devil” is details when it comes to translation. It is due to this fact that most people spend longer periods of time searching for the right professional translation service providers; especially for English, Arabic and French translation projects. There are a few elements that need to be considered when one is planning a translation project. The main purpose of planning is to ensure that the final translated documents are of impeccable quality. The major part of this planning process is the selection of professional translation services. This is critical as it ensures that one does not risk the quality of the translations. What follows are some of the most important considerations for choosing professional translation services:

Are they qualified?

When answering this question one should look at the academic qualifications that the translator has. One should look at the translator’s expertise and how relevant it will be towards his/her translation project. For example, choosing a marketing expert with SEO skills may be the best choice especially if the content to be translated is for online marketing purposes. This way, the client can be sure that the translator will provide the best content for online marketing while ensuring they obey all the SEO Rules set by online search engines.

What’s their native language?

Nobody can deny the fact that one doesn’t have to be a native to translate a document correctly, especially for non-natives that are very knowledgeable in a specific language. However, the main advantage that the native has over a non-native translator is that he/she generally has a better understanding of the language. For example, they are better poised to understand the various linguistic elements such as flow of content, spelling and grammar. Also, they can better localize the translated material because they have a greater understanding of the language’s cultural sensitivities.

Translation experience and testimonials

Choosing a translator with adequate experience is vital. This is meant to ensure that the translator chosen is one that has a track record of providing clients with high quality and professional translation services. When one wants specialized documents (e.g. financial, medical, or technical) translated, then they should consider translators that have experience and knowledge on the required fields. The best thing about experienced translators is that they can show testimonials from previous contracts with other clients. This means that their ability and mannerism of work can easily be deduced from the testimonials provided and is not just “hearsay” as is the case with inexperienced (or new) translators.

Samples and tests

Samples are a nice and easy way of gauging whether the translator can provide the quality of work demanded from him/her. One can test the translator by giving them a small excerpt of the work and see how the quality of the translated material. Of course, one has to pay the translator for the test; because let’s face it, no top professional translator can do a sample for free.