Why WordPress is the Best Platform For Any Website

Why Wordpress is the Best Platform For Any Website

There has been a growing buzz about “how great” the WordPress platform is for creating websites. WordPress is unlike the other content management platforms that are currently available on the market. Since its launch back in 2003, WordPress has quickly grown in popularity (passing other CMS platforms) to become the most popular web content management system for developing small and medium sized business (SMB) websites. This is because it offers greater benefits to users. These benefits are:

SEO Friendly

Google and other major search engines love WordPress because its code is well written. Due to this, pages and posts can be customized without adding any unnecessary HTML/CSS/PHP code making it possible for WordPress sites to be ranked higher in search engine results because Google loves clean code.

Search Engine Attraction

The fact that WordPress is capable of handling about 90% of the mechanics of crawling for new content on the website, it makes it easy for Google robots to find the new pages and posts. This will ensure that the new content is quickly indexed which leads to an even better Google ranking.

Brand Awareness and Growth

As small and medium sized companies grow, their websites also grow and new content and pages need to be added. The WordPress CMS enables the addition of more pages and posts without any of the “tedious” manual coding that is a necessity on websites using the other platforms. The great part about all this is that the platform is scalable (i.e. the web site can have hundreds or thousands of pages without any effect on the site’s operability or loading speed).

Extensible Functionalities

There are many widgets and plug-ins available on the market for websites that are using the WordPress content management system. These plug-ins extend the additional functionalities that may be required on the website. For example, search engine optimization plug-ins can be installed to help in providing additional optimization functionalities for the website. The plug-ins are also easy to install and do not cost as much compared to the plug-ins and widgets developed for other CMS platforms and traditional websites.

WordPress is a Universal Platform

All of us know the importance of having a universal platform when it comes to web development and maintenance. A universal platform is one that is common and has a huge number of professional developers who can work or fix any errors on it. This is critical especially if during (or after) the development of your website the developer decides to walk away from the project. It will be easier to find another developer who can pick up exactly where the previous one had left and successfully complete the project without any problems.