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Transcreation : A Must in Marketing Translation

“Transcreation” is increasingly used in the field of translation. But what does it mean, and in when do we use it? WHAT IS TRANSCREATION? It is the fusion between translation and creation. It could therefore be translated as “creative translation“. ...

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What is the influence of the Arabic on the French language?

In his book Our ancestors the Arabs, what our language owes them, Jean Pruvost, professor of lexicology and history of the French language, shows the direct correlation between history and language. Having also written “Le Dico des dictionnaires”, Jean Pruvost traces the history ...

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arabic translation services

The Importance of Translating your website into Arabic

Arabic translation has nowadays become a must in any international marketing plan for various reasons. Indeed, the Arabic language is spoken in over 27 countries and has an estimated 300 million Arabic native speakers across the Middle East, North and ...

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arabic translation

When Arabic Translation Goes Wrong

The Arabic language is indeed an exceptional and special language! Firstly it is an authentic language not descendant from a group of languages, as the case of many European languages. The authenticity of the Arabic language is expressed through the ...

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link building strategies 2016

Link Building: Tips for a successful strategy

  The online marketing community is expecting some new Google Penguin update which is likely to change the link building game strategies. While link building used to be an easy task few years ago, this won’t be so now ; nevertheless, ...

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international arabic seo, multilingual arabic seo

How to Best Set up Your Mutilingual and International Website

Most of our customers and potential ones have multilingual SEO that target different languages and worldwide countries. Even websites that target just the Gulf region want to rank first page of Google in each and every Arab country. Hence, clients often ...

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arabic seo services

10 SEO Myths & Misconceptions Your SEO Company Won’t Tell You About

There are problem-points when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You never know how these work until you ask, and sadly enough you’re never told about them to begin with. In this article, we’re going to explore the many ...

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Arabic Language: 10 Fun & Interesting Facts

Arabs are unified by a language common to all, Arabic, a Semitic language. The Semitic language family belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family of languages. This family included the languages of ancient Babylon, Palestine Assyria and Egypt. By the 11th century, ...

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arab business etiquette

Business Etiquette in the Arab World

If you want to start expanding your business across the Arab world, it is vital to get familiar with Arab business etiquette beforehand. There are many different items that you should take into consideration that can be helpful when you ...

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Learn Essential SEO Jargons

SEO is undoubtedly extremely vital to the success of any website. However, many business owners may not necessarily be familiar with SEO. Indeed, it can seem to be a mystery involving unfathomable terms and processes that don’t make a great ...

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